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Immigration services

The work permit for foreign citizens.
Working permission is given for one year which can be prolonged for the same term. If the foreign worker was not or the labor contract with it is terminated, then there is an opportunity to renew permission to other foreigner with the similar diploma and an experience (if necessary). The procedure...
Group: Immigration, citizenship, passports, residence permit
Closing of the guarantee deposit on the foreign citizen
Since the beginning of 2017 need of opening of the deposit disappeared, instead of this procedure obligatory payment by the employer of charge for delivery of permission to involvement of foreign labor is entered. Therefore all open deposits after expiration of working permission are subject to...
Group: Immigration, citizenship, passports, residence permit
Submission of reports on IRS
If in staff of your company there are foreign persons, it is necessary for you monthly to the 25th inclusive to provide in department of employment of the area the report on FL (foreign labor). Submission of reports is extremely important for your company as it will allow you to trace the number of...
Group: Immigration, citizenship, passports, residence permit
Receiving a working visa
For work implementation foreign citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan need receiving a working visa of category C1, C2, C3. Without receiving a special working visa in Kazakhstan citizens of member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Customs union) – Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia can...
Group: Visa services
Obtaining the business visa
Depending on purposes of visit of the foreign citizen business visas are subdivided into the following categories: B1 for visit of any business action, a conference, an exhibition, a forum, etc. (Single, repeated, up to 60 days for one arrival). B2 - installation of equipment, rendering...
Group: Visa services
Receiving IIN by foreigners
The Individual Identification Number (IIN) – a combination from 12 figures, the unique number used by the person in a business conduct - at payment of taxes, relationship with public authorities, bank, etc. IIN is available for most of citizens of Kazakhstan on the identity card or the...
Group: Immigration, citizenship, passports, residence permit
Residence permi
The document confirming the right of the foreigner for full-time residence in RK is a residence permit. For obtaining the residence permit it is necessary to get permission to full-time residence. For execution of the residence permit of the foreigner foreigners need to submit to RK personally the...
Group: Immigration, citizenship, passports, residence permit
Nationality of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The list of documents at filing of application in a generally established order: The foreigners who do not have rights for inclusion in nationality in the simplified order and persons interested to be naturalized the Republic of Kazakhstan, have to address with the application petition...
Group: Immigration, citizenship, passports, residence permit


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